Timelines (Applicant-WES-MIA)

Applicant to WES

  1. Apply to WES online.
  2. Contact your academic institution (s) to request and send the original transcript (s) to WES.  The length of time depends on how you are able to quickly connect and request the required documents from your academic institution (s).


  • Make sure that you are applying for a Canada equivalency, the standard online application (for licensing purpose).
  • Indicate that a copy of the evaluation (after your own) should be sent to MIA.

Applicant to Academic Institution to WES

  1. Academic institutions send the original transcripts to WES. Processing time varies by academic institution and/or country. Some countries may take months to send the transcripts.
  2. The standard processing time is seven business days after receipt, review, and approval of all documents and payment in full. An evaluation can be expedited (using our Same-Day or 3-Day rush services) for an additional fee. If additional research, correspondence or verification is required, the evaluation will take longer.

Applicant to WES to MIA

  1. WES sends a notification of completion of credential evaluation to MIA.
  2. MIA receives the credential evaluation and proceeds to process application.