AIT Application for Registration

Agrologist-in-Training (AIT) Applications for Registration are received on a continuous basis—you may apply at any time. However, the Admission and Registration Committee (ARC) that reviews applications meets on a scheduled basis. ARC meets quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Your application, including your required documents and application fee, must be received approximately 30 days prior to the ARC decision meeting.

Please note that applications from internationally educated applicants may take longer to review and process, and because each situation is different, review and assessment times vary. The process to become registered as an AIT will take usually 4-8 weeks to complete from the date MIA receives your application, including your required documents and application fee.

In addition, MIA requires a “Course-by-Course Evaluation” through the World Education Services. The requirements, procedures, and processing times may vary and is dependent on the country of education.

AIT to Full Status (P.Ag. and Tech.Ag.)

AIT requirements to gain full status must be completed within a maximum time of two years from the date of your acceptance as AIT. If you have not completed all the requirements within two years, you will have to request an extension and provide reasons. The ARC will review your request and inform you of the decision.