Step 5: Pursue Full Status

Step 5: Pursue Full Status

You must complete the following tasks, which will be listed in your AIT Letter of Acceptance:

Task A Complete your Competency Assessment & Development plan.
Task B Complete the Jurisprudence and Ethics Seminar. You will be informed of the date a few weeks before the seminar.
Task C Attend Agrologists Manitoba Annual General Meeting (AGM) or another Provincial Institute’s AGM. This requirement will help you to understand an agrologist’s responsibility to the profession.
Task D Complete 20 Professional Development credits.
Task E Participate in the Certification and Mentorship Process.  The Certification Form will indicate to MIA if you are recommended for full status.

MIA will track your tasks. Once you complete Tasks A – E, MIA will mail you the following:

  • An invoice for the registration fee
  • Your full status Letter of Acceptance

After you have completed Tasks a – e, you can complete Task f:

Task F Pay the annual P.Ag. or Tech.Ag. registration fee of $375 (2018)

Upon receipt of your registration fee, MIA will mail you a P.Ag. or Tech.Ag. certificate with your registration number on it.